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Therapeutic grade aromatherapy essential oils and essential oil-enhanced nutritional supplements are an important factor in wellness ~ now we are making news!

NBC Affiliate Tests Essential Oils as Bug Repellent — Michigan NBC 25 station recently tested 3 bug repellent options, an insect fogger, an over-the counter spay-wash, & a mixture of Thieves, lemon, Purification, peppermint & lavender essential oils. The result, all products work well and the essential oils offer the added benefit of being, "natural and non-toxic."

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Holistic Health Care — Young Living essential oils are enhancing the lives of cancer patients and providing nurses a complementary modality to support modern medical care. Young Living understands the importance of a complementary relationship between Eastern and Western medicine. In Western culture we tend to treat the disease, while Eastern healing modalities focus on the physical, mental, and emotional struggles faced by the patient. To help bring these two worlds together, Young Living is working in partnership with the Urban Zen Foundation and Beth Isreal Medical Center (BIMC) in New Yourk City on an Integrative Therapist pilot study. This study incorporates Eastern healing modalities like yoga and aromatherapy into traditional medical care to help improve the patient experience.

To advance the journy of health care, we must treat the patient with the same passion we treat the disease. ~ Donna karan, Founder, Urban Zen Foundation

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Third Largest Hospital Is Using Young Living Essential Oils In A HUGE WAY!
Under the direction of Dr. Toby Cosgrove, a true visionary and President/CEO of The Cleveland Clinic, a $5 billion healthcare system, we became the first major academic medical center to make patient experience a strategic goal, and the first major healthcare system to appoint a Chief Experience Officer. We adopted the Planetree philosophy and have branded our own Cleveland Clinic version, Patients First. Our Patients First program assures world class care that addresses the patient's physical comfort as well as their educational, emotional, and spiritual needs. Our Healing Services program is an integral part of our Patients First program and under the Integrative Therapies umbrella, the Healing Services Team provides Reiki, massage, guided imagery and aromatherapy to our staff and patients.

We initially began by using essential oils on our medical/surgical floor. We encouraged and gave financial assistance to the charge nurse to become a certified aromatherapist. She is now a member of both the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists, and has done a wonderful job of clinically integrating essential oils into our daily practice. In order to insure consistent quality, we use Young Living Oils exclusively. Most of the oils are used neat (undiluted), and others are diluted with extra virgin olive oil depending on each situation. We also diffuse Young Living Essential Oils at nursing stations, in our PACU, physician's lounges, and in some offices.

Over the last year, our charge nurse has done several in-services and training sessions throughout the hospital. Through her tireless efforts she has created solid educational relationships with both our orthopedic and general surgery doctors, and regularly gets consults on all floors of the hospital. She is currently working to educate our medical doctors to get them on board as well.

We regularly treat gout, neuropathy, carpel tunnel, sinusitis, headaches, abdominal pain, kidney stone pain, neuralgia, tennis elbow, arthritis, back pain, leg cramps, postop hip and knee pain and whatever else comes our way. Each patient's need, including which Young Living Essential Oils were used, is documented in our electronic charting so we can track their outcomes. We always have a good stock of Young Living Lavender, Peppermint, Peace and Calming, Lemongrass, Thieves and plenty of single oils to make blends for gout.

We have great expectations for the future of our aromatherapy program and hope to train enough folks to cover our Cancer Care Center and Pain Clinic, and look forward to the day we can do clinical studies on arthritis, post-op nausea, and hypertension.

We would never even entertain the idea of using any other essential oil in our hospital. Young Living Essential Oils not only provide us with the level of quality we expect, but they are always consistent in their formulation so we are assured of the best possible outcomes for our patients.

— D.J.R., RRT, RM. Co-Chairman, Integrative Therapies, Cleveland Clinic Healing Services Team

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Young Living, Urban Zen and Kent State in First-ever Nursing Program

Nurses have always played a critical role in helping others, but that help often comes at the expense of their own personal health and well-being.

That was the primary message shared with 30 nursing students last month at Kent State's College of Nursing. The students were the first to participate in a special curriculum of self-care for nurses, developed to help practitioners avoid being burned out in their demanding line of work. The curriculum is part of the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT) program, which focuses on combining Eastern healing techniques (yoga therapy, essential oil therapy and Reiki) with Western medicine.

Young Living partnered with Urban Zen to provide an Everyday Oils kit for each participant, and Young Living Gold Member Tracy Griffiths taught the students about the science behind, and benefits of, essential oil therapy. Additional training was given by another UZIT instructor, who demonstrated yoga and other modalities nurses can use for their personal self-care practice.

"We felt that in order for our nursing students to better understand the potential of complementary and alternative therapies in health care, that they must experience these techniques and gain insight about these modalities on a personal level," says David Pratt, director of advancement for Kent State School of Nursing. "Because of the generosity of Young Living Essential Oils and the expertise of the Urban Zen Integrated Therapist program, our nursing students have enthusiastically embraced their involvement in this unique 'Care for the Caregiver' pilot program."

Urban Zen will continue to develop the self-care program in the coming semesters, and is working with other nursing and medical schools to create similar programs. Young Living will continue to support Urban Zen and other organizations that recognize the role of essential oil therapy and other holistic approaches to wellness.

About Urban Zen
The Urban Zen Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps raise awareness and inspire change in the areas of well-being, preserving cultures and empowering children. To find out more about Urban Zen, visit their website at

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I love to teach classes locally in the Central Florida area and am a former Nationally Certified Massage Therapist with over 12 years of experience, studying the human body, the energy system, the use of aromatherapy, Raindrop Technique and Emotional Release with Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils through C.A.R.E. as well as many workshops with Gary Young. I work and live in Winter Park, FL and am available by appointment: 407.399.8562.

I highly suggest educating yourself about the truth of essential oils by purchasing the Essential Oil Desk Reference book which contains a wealth of information on all of our products including details on each oil and what oils to use for specific situations.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Don't expect the same results unless you are using Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ Essential Oils and supplements. Also each person is unique and different in chemistry and toxicity levels, as well as emotionally and spiritually, so an oil that is suggested for an issue may not work as well as another. If a change is not apparent within three minutes, try another oil.