Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ Essential Oils

Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ Optimal Potency Guarantee:
Anyone can make an essential oil that smells good, but only the world leader can deliver the best oils in the world. Young Living's extensive experience farming, distilling, and sourcing essential oils guarantees each Young Living oil contains the optimal level of beneficial plant properties. Oils that work — That's at the core of what it means to be Young Living Therapeutic Grade™.

Yesterday's Wisdom, Tomorrow's Destiny

Uplifting, purifying, energizing, and calming—the use of essential oils for emotional support, flavoring, and fragrance dates back thousands of years. Today Young Living is preserving this ancient practice by offering highly-concentrated therapeutic grade essential oils in their most natural form.

For more than two decades we've studied the different types and benefits of plant life to develop the best distilling practices and purest products. Experience the best nature has to offer when you use Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ oils for skin care, first aid, stress relief, and so much more.

At the intersection of cutting-edge research and traditional wisdom, Young Living's wellness solutions empower you to dodge harmful chemicals, energize your life, ditch stress and negativity, and reclaim your natural radiance.

The plant kingdom continues to be the subject of an enormous amount of research and discovery. At least 30 percent of prescription drugs in the United States are based on naturally occurring compounds from plants. Each year, millions of dollars are allocated to universities searching for new therapeutic agents that lie undiscovered in the bark, roots, flowers, seeds and foliage of jungle canopies, river bottoms, forests, hillsides and vast wilderness regions throughout the world which produce aromatherapy essential oils.

Lavender, Thieves and Peppermint essential oils As the most powerful part of the plant, essential oils and plant extracts have been woven into history since time immemorial. They provide exquisite fragrances to balance mood, lift spirits, dispel negative emotions and create a romantic atmosphere. But they must be Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ which means free of chemicals and synthetics.

What is an Essential Oil?

Essential oils are aromatic volatie liquids distilled from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. raindrop on leaves

The chemistry of essential oils is very complex: each one may consist of hundreds of different and unique chemical compounds. Moreover, essential oils are highly concentrated and far more potent than dried herbs. The distillation process is what makes essential oils so concentrated. It often requires an entire plant or more to produce a single drop of distilled essential oil. — Essential Oils Desk Reference Fourth Edition published by Essential Science Publishing

Freshly cultivated and steam distilled, the essential oils in Young Living's collection are life-enhancing gifts from the plant kingdom, revered for centuries for their restorative properties to body, mind, and spirit. Pure essential oils now re-emerge as a key solution to the challenges facing modern lifestyles. Superior to all other health supplements, Young Living's therapeutic-grade essential oils deliver positive benefits to the body through smell, direct absorption into the skin, and by normal digestive processes. Cleansing, calming, stimulating, soothing, our aromatherapy essential oils bring balance to all systems of the body.

Pure, Potent Remedies

Uplifting, protective, calming, and regenerating, essential oils are a unique gift from the natural world. Often referred to as "nature’s living energy" or the very essence of a plant, essential oils are aromatic liquids derived from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. They not only determine the plant's aroma, but are vital for plants to grow, live, evolve, and adapt. Essential oils also help plants thrive from insects and environmental conditions which could be detrimental to the plant life. Today, research shows that when used aromatically, applied topically, or taken internally, essential oils can calm, energize, balance, purify, and rejuvenate the mind and body.

From perfumes and aromatherapy to cooking and relaxation purposes, essential oils have been a vital part of everyday life, dating back to 4500 BC. After personally experiencing the many benefits of essential oils, D. Gary Young, Founder and President of Young Living Essential Oils, began a personal campaign to promote the ancient art of essential oils. The result? An abundant line of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, including over 140 single essential oils and unique essential oil blends, and the world's largest community dedicated to achieving wellness via nature's purest, most potent gift.

Gary Young, founder and president of Young Living, lives a life full of adventure and passion, traveling the world in search of new discoveries. The new Young Living Ecuador Farm, Finca Botanica, covers more than 2,000 acres of virgin land in an area that has an ideal climate for year-round growing. It is an absolutely breathtaking farm with lush, green rolling hills, a gorgeous reservoir, and hundreds of acres recently planted with aromatic plants. The Young Living farms are located in ideal areas that provide clean air, rich soil, and ideal climates for growing superior plants and herbs. "Young Living is a company that is built on a solid foundation from the ground up. What you have doesn't exist anywhere else!" With four farms in three countries encompassing over 4,500 acres, Young Living continues to devote its resources to developing and growing the purest, finest crops of aromatic plants for the distillation of essential oils. The Ecuador farm will soon grow the plants needed to produce an abundance of essential oils, both from the newly discovered aromatic plants in Ecuador to the plants and oils that are in scarce supply throughout the world.

Therapeutic Grade ~ The Young Living Standard

There is a significant difference between essential oils that simply smell good and those that are therapeutic-grade.

Independent laboratory testing proves that Young Living essential oils meet and often exceed industry requirements, and as stewards of nature's plant remedies, Young Living maintains higher internal standards, built upon the magnitude of our own rigorous Quality Assurance requirements. This standard is known as "therapeutic-grade." We established the Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ standard so you know that every essential oil Young Living or its partners distill or source has the proper blend of natural constituents and works exactly the way you expect. Because when it comes to essential oils, how well they work is what matters most. Even though perfume oils and fragrances smell good, they lack the natural plant properties and molecules that create a synergy to maintain balance. In order to achieve therapeutic-grade classification, each essential oil must achieve the designation naturally, without excess manipulation and refinement, and meet specific criteria in four key areas: Plants, Preparation, Purity, and Potency.

  1. Plants ~ Young Living products are produced from the right plants, grown in exceptional soil, and harvested at exactly the right time. An oil's potency can be affected not only by selecting the proper plant to cultivate, but also by where the plant is grown, the quality of soil in which the seed is planted, and even the time of day it's harvested. Young Living has extensive experience selecting the correct species of plant for desired oil potency, planting under optimal conditions, using ideal soil and natural methods to encourage growth, and knowing the precise time to harvest each crop. Only those plants that produce the most active and widest array of therapeutic compounds are selected.
  2. Preparation ~ Once the optimal soil, plant, cultivation, and harvesting conditions have been adhered to, the plants must be distilled properly in order to meet Young Living Therapeutic Grade standards. Honoring a strict commitment to respect and protect the time-honored methods of distillation, Young Living makes every effort to preserve "nature's living energy" in a manner as close to its natural state as possible. Using pure mountain water free of additives, Young Living has a proprietary, stainless steel distillation process that uses low temperature and low pressure to better preserve plant properties, capture the pure essence of the plant, and preserve the quality of the oils. Also length of time, equipment, and batch size are strictly monitored. Our process remains unmatched throughout the essential oils industry.
  3. Purity ~ Achieved through the use of quality plants and meticulous preparation, and not through ultra-refinement, our finished product is 100 percent pure. Young Living essential oils are unadulterated, uncut, and free of chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals. Young Living Therapeutic Grade standards prohibit the acceptance of any diluted, cut, or adulterated oils. Every product Young Living produces—essential oils, oil blends, nutritional supplements, or personal care—meets strict purity standards. Every batch of essential oils is subjected to rigorous, state-of-the-art analysis at the Young Living quality control lab. Using some of the most advanced equipment in the world, our scientists subject every batch of essential oils to Gas Chromatograph and Mass Spectrometer testing, and heavy metals analysis. Oils that exhibit even the slightest hint of possible adulteration or tampering are rejected.
  4. Potency ~ To guarantee our products exceed existing world standards and meet our own higher internal standards for potency, we analyze the finished oil's phytochemical profile to ensure it delivers optimal amounts of every key plant compound, meeting the highest and most consistent bioactive levels. Without strict adherence to the Young Living Therapeutic Grade standard in the Plants, Preparation, and Purity phases, the final product would not have the necessary potency to work exactly the way you expected.

How to Use Essential Oils
Unlike perfume oils that simply smell good, Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ (YLTG) essential oils have the complete optimal blend of plant chemicals to ensure maximum potency and results. To get started using essential oils, follow the guide below, along with the individual instructions on each label, to experience their health-enhancing benefits.


Topical Application</>

Internal Use — Some essential oils make excellent food flavorings or dietary supplements. To take essential oils internally, try these tips:

Purity from Seed to Seal

Wellness with Essential Oils

Wellness is defined as harmony between the mind, body, and spirit. Offering solutions to life's imbalances, essential oils create true wellness when in their raw form, as an ingredient in nutritional supplements, or as part of essential living.

Please browse the selection of single essential oils and essential oil blends on the left side menu. To purchase therapeutic-grade essential oils, open your account today. Your life will be blessed!

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I love to teach classes locally in the Central Florida area and am a former Nationally Certified Massage Therapist with over 12 years of experience, studying the human body, the energy system, the use of aromatherapy, Raindrop Technique and Emotional Release with Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils through C.A.R.E. as well as many workshops with Gary Young. I work and live in Winter Park, FL and am available by appointment: 407.399.8562.

I highly suggest educating yourself about the truth of essential oils by purchasing the Essential Oil Desk Reference book which contains a wealth of information on all of our products including details on each oil and what oils to use for specific situations.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Don't expect the same results unless you are using Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ Essential Oils and supplements. Also each person is unique and different in chemistry and toxicity levels, as well as emotionally and spiritually, so an oil that is suggested for an issue may not work as well as another. If a change is not apparent within three minutes, try another oil.