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Rosewood Essential OilRosewood Essential Oil (Aniba rosaeodora) has a lovely woody, floral scent that is comforting and soothing. It has a steadying and balancing effect on emotions and may help to uplift feelings of despair. Rosewood's soothing and refreshing qualities make it a sought-after ingredient in skin care products. Rosewood has an approximate ORAC of 1,131,978 (TE/L). TE/L is expressed as micromole Trolox equivalent per liter.

Fragrant Influence: Rosewood is empowering and emotionally stabilizing and is a wonderful remedy for soothing the skin and may be used to soothe overworked muscles.

How to Use:For dietary, aromatic, or topical use. When using as a supplement, dilute one drop in 4 fl. oz. of liquid such as goat's, soy or rice milk. Apply 2-4 drops on location; chakras/Vita Flex points; directly inhale; or diffuse. Possible skin sensitivity. If pregnant or under a doctor's care, consult your physician. Dilution not required; suitable for all but the most sensitive skin. Generally safe for children over 2 years of age.

Item No.: 3629 ~ 15 mlEarthKosher Certified
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A Note on Young Living Reducing the Use of Rosewood Oil

At Young Living we are committed to being responsible stewards of the environment and taking great care to preserve and protect our natural resources. These core values are demonstrated by our Seed to Seal philosophy, which promotes sustainable farming and sourcing practices, while enabling us to produce the most potent essential oils in the world.

Occationally, we learn of resources that are under stress from over-harvesting or industry exploitation. Over the past few years, we have become increasingly concerned about the health and population of Brazilian rosewood trees. These beautiful trees are under tremendous strain due to unscrupulous suppliers that illegally harvest and sell the wood for use in furniture, musical instruments, flooring, and other decorative items. In our efforts to be responsible corporate citizens and to lesson global rosewood demand, we are taking steps to remove or reduce rosewood oil in our oil blends and personal care products.

We will replace rosewood in these products with a new proprietary blend of coriander, furanocoumarin-free bergamot, ylang ylang, and geranium. This unique combination closely matches the distinctive rosewood aroma and offers a similar chemical profile.

Rosewood has a lovely, woody floral scent. Its fragrance offers empowering and emotionally stabilizing benefits. Great care was taken to formulate the replacement blend with the same characteristics. Coriander was added to the blend because of its uniquely high levels of linalol. In addition, the blend includes furanocoumarin-free bergamot, also high in linalol, and specially distilled to remove photosensitivity properties.

We are confident that the fragrance and function of the reformulated products will be equal or superior to what you have come to expect. The products affected include:

Only the products listed above will be affected by these changes. We do not anticipate a need to reformulate other products but will continue to monitor the health and supply of rosewood and make adjustments if necessary. The reformulation of these products is further evidence of Young Living's leadership role in the industry as we set the standard for ecologically friendly business practices that enhance and sustain our natural resources.

Reprinted from The Essential Edge News , Volume 2, Issue 3, 2012 published by Young Living Essential Oils.

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