Young Living's Seed to Seal Process for Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ Optimal Potency Guarantee:
Anyone can make an essential oil that smells good, but only the world leader can deliver the best oils in the world. Young Living's extensive experience farming, distilling, and sourcing essential oils guarantees each Young Living oil contains the optimal level of beneficial plant properties. Oils that work — That's at the core of what it means to be Young Living Therapeutic Grade™.

Seed to Seal

Young Living Essential Oils' promise of purity consists of their Seed to Seal process which includes five important steps:

Young Living's Seed to Seal Process for PurityYoung Living's Seed to Seal Process - Step 2Young Living's Seed to Seal Process - Step 3Young Living's Seed to Seal Process - Step 4Young Living's Seed to Seal Process - Step 5

SEED — Potent essential oils come from plant species that have been authenticated by Young Living and industry experts through scientific research, field study, university partnerships and on-site planting certification. Selecting seeds that produce the highest value is a vital first step in Young Living's Seed to Seed process.

CULTIVATE — Young Living's knowledge of soil preparation, balance of sun and water, responsible weed and pest control, and wild-craft harvesting ensure that stringent standards are met, both on Young Living owned farms as well as with carefully monitored partner farms. Young Living continues to conduct research and remains dedicated to growing the highest quality aromatic plants.

DISTILL — Combining ancient and modern techniques, Young Living's low-pressure steam distillation process ensures that the beneficial plant compounds in each batch of essential oil remain uncompromised. This step is completed at just the right time to ensure all beneficial constituents are present to maximize the quality of the oil. Additionally, Young Living uses tree resin hydrodistillation for select oils and cold pressing techniques for most of our citrus essential oils.

TEST — Young Living never accepts diluted, cut, or adulterated essential oils. To guarantee consistent quality, Young Living Essential Oils are tested in their own internal labs, as well as in third-party facilities, to ensure that they meet demanding specifications, exceed international standards, and contain the optimal levels of natural bioactive molecules.

SEAL — Young Living completes their Seed to Seal process by carefully sealing and inspecting each bottle of essential at their 107,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art, clean-room facility and then ships to members worldwide. Individual bottle labels are encoded with detailed tracking information that allows Young Living to trace each bottle of essential oil back to its source.

Wellness with Essential Oils

Wellness is defined as harmony between the mind, body, and spirit. Offering solutions to life's imbalances, essential oils create true wellness when in their raw form, as an ingredient in nutritional supplements, or as part of essential living.

The selection of single essential oils and essential oil blends are on the left side menu along with links to our diffusers and other products. Personal Care Products infused with therapeutic grade essential oils and Oil Collections can be found in the links below. You will love our excellent Nutritional products also infused with therapeutic grade essential oils. To get started, invest in our Premium Starter Kit and open your wholesale account today. Your life will be blessed!

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I love to teach classes locally in the Central Florida area and am a former Nationally Certified Massage Therapist with over 12 years of experience, studying the human body, the energy system, the use of aromatherapy, Raindrop Technique and Emotional Release with Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils through C.A.R.E. as well as many workshops with Gary Young. I work and live in Winter Park, FL and am available by appointment: 407.399.8562.

I highly suggest educating yourself about the truth of essential oils by purchasing the Essential Oil Desk Reference book which contains a wealth of information on all of our products including details on each oil and what oils to use for specific situations.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Don't expect the same results unless you are using Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ Essential Oils and supplements. Also each person is unique and different in chemistry and toxicity levels, as well as emotionally and spiritually, so an oil that is suggested for an issue may not work as well as another. If a change is not apparent within three minutes, try another oil.